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Non-Fiction Prose                                                           

Ryan Abbot
"Young and Dumb"

"The Ache for Home"

Angela Behr
"My Secret"

Mara Beaton
"Inner Light"

Linda Byrd
"I'm Not the One"


Aaron Ambrosino
"Passion for the Different"
"Bending Minds"

Rebecca Franklin
"In Between"

Andrew Hawkins
"Mosel Celler"
"No Frogs"

Jillian Sprenger
"Fibonacci Stairwell"
"Together We Walk Alone"

Copyright 2011-2013 West Trade Reivew

Jazandra Barros
"The Meadow"
"Steel Music"
"Metal Shoulders"

Nou Chang
"The Hag"

Austin Kosater
"Paddle to Peace"

Christopher Malden
"Generation Howl"

Katherine Matyas
"Help Me to Sleep"
"Your Voice"
"Club Night"

Jazmine Robinson
"My Secret"

Allison Rodino
"Fight With Me"

Max Sanger
"A Lonely Creek"

Abi Laydee Soul
"My Plea"

Spring 2011
Volume 2