Orian Assayag                                                  She Would Have Fed Us Camels
Emily Hall                                                        Novel excerpt from The Workaround
Anne Baldo                                                       I Know You Are, But What Am I?
Edward Lee                                                      Beginnings
ME Vera                                                            The Goat That Returns Snaps Its Neck
Aimee Newsom                                               Front Seat Country                                                  
María Isabel Álvarez                                      Happiness and Other Found Objects [Phyllis Grant Zellmer Prize for Fiction, 2022]
Emily Pegg                                                       Eating Fruit
Nick Gregorio                                                  Talking Through the Basic Tenets of Reality with a Heart
Shannon C.C. Nedelka                                   Trauma
Calla Nell Preece                                             With My Back to the World
Yennie Jun                                                       12 Fragments from the First Day

Creative Nonfiction

Hayley Notter                                                  Li'l Grieving Song
Lily Levin                                                         Dodging Traffic
Katherine Grasso                                           Wild Punch


Bree Bailey                                                alternate names for damaged women
Nweke Bernard Okechukwu                 Autograph of July
Katherine Mooney Brooks                    Confessional
                                                                    Tankas Brought to Burial
Tamara J. Madison                                 Bailando Soul
Zachary Dankert                                     Humming
Sophia Liu                                                Make Again
Megan Merchant                                     Ars Poetica:  
Anna Laura Reeve                                   Pollen
Caroline Miller                                         The First Time I Saw the Word Vermillion
Benjamin Faro                                         Delta
Justin Howerton                                     Saw River Phoenix Driving in Oregon
David B. Prather                                      Architecture for Elephants
Tova Greene                                             dear Leo when we (two jews) fuck, we sound like a klezmer band--
Anthony DiPietro                                    Loving All These Men. Is That What I Think  
Loisa Fenichell                                         My Will
Shutta Crum                                             The Scab
Fatima Shahid                                          Final Words, Graveyard Shift
Terry Belew                                              Animal Science
Anya Trofimova                                       credits for a film about missing people
Amy Williams                                          Tourist in Rishikesh, 2022
A.M. Guay                                                 Quebracho
Gabby Mijalski-Fahim                           How Easy
Kimberly Ann Priest                               Field Note on Gaston Bachelard's THE POETICS OF SPACE
Madeleine French                                   THINKING IN ENGLISH
Jayne Marek                                             Nourished
Sheleen McElhinney                               Timothy
Max Parker                                               Secrets and Surprises [2022 West Trade Review Prize for Poetry, 2022]
Olivia Kiers                                               Baroque Oysters
Tyler Friend                                             Fruitfly [59 & 60]
​Patrick Wilcox                                         Covering West Virginia's long history of broken promises
Jason Fraley                                             The Economy Shares Advice:  On Greenspace
Robert Wood Lynn                                 In That Story My Father Tells
                                                                    Cage Match
                                                                    The Cars All Gridlocked
Ivy Raff                                                      Self-Elegy from a Pine Tree
Remi Recchia                                           At a baseball game in ninety-degree weather, the man in front of me
Caroline M. Mar                                      With a Surface Area 191.6 Square Miles and a depth of 1,645 Feet, Lake Tahoe is the Largest and Second-Deepest 
                                                                    Alpine Lake in the United States
Kim Welliver                                            Grief is the Thing with Feathers
Patrick Wright                                         Dark Clouds Storm Blue
Sarath Reddy                                            Abacus
Rogan Kelly                                              Bloodied My Favorite Turquiose Blue Kicks
Anastasios Mihalopoulous                    Cliff-Diving at Sounion
Robert Carr                                              The Season of Lost Feather
                                                                    My Choosing
Anna Girgenti                                           America
                                                                    Litany of Secret
Akhim Cabey                                            Missing That Infamous Epithet When It's Gone
Michael Goodfellow                                Vegetation Myth

Art and Interviews

Nika Novich                                                     Amanita Muscaria
                                                                            Songs of Experience
                                                                            The Bee Keeper
                                                                            Holy Communion
                                                                            Garden of Hesperides
                                                                            Travelling Light

Interview with Nika Novich           
Interview with Robert Wood Lynn
Interview with Emily Hall

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Cover Image:  Full Moon in Pisces by NIka Novich