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Copyright 2012 West Trade Reivew
    Spring 2014
     Volume 5

Susan Sorenson
"Road Trip"

Amanda Pauley
"Blind Fish"

Jared Shaffer
"The Upswing"

"Ben Gold Rolls On"

Scott M. Bade
"Anything with a Tape or Flag at the End of It"

Shawn Rubenfeld
"Under Shadows"

Jacob Bender
"Day of the Dead in English"

Kerri Anne Williams
"Liquid Voice"

Scott M. Bade
"Sea Glass"
"Ice Fishing"

David Sapp
"Prayer Wheel Spins"
" Skin"

Joann Gardner
"Yin Time"
"Strum und Drang"

Joann McNerney

Kenneth Pobo
"White Hibiscus"

Ed O'Casey
"A Process that Few Survive"
"The Modern American Love Poem"
"The New Spiritual Experience (ii)"

Danielle N. Sussi
"Kissing in Cars"

Jessica Holmes
"Self-Portrait as the Terrorists on Main Street"

Diana Down #3 by Kay Tuttle

Alan D. Harris
Gone Fishin'
Treasure Shields Redmond
"this is a good building"
"diamond mining"
"valhalla nirvana heaven (a poem of hope)
Book Reviews

Meriah L. Crawford
Distant Creatures:  Review of Amina Cain's Creature

Jemayne King
Review of Sebastian Agudelo's Each Chartered Street

​Gary Matthews
Review of Gary Lutz's Partial List of People to Bleach

Melissa Johnson
Review of This is the Ocean by Robert Krut
Featured Interview with Poet Treasure Shields Redmond, nominee for the 2011 Pushcart Prize

This Edition's Features Work by Visual Artist Noe Hernandez & Includes an Interview