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Copyright 2015 West Trade Reivew

Joel Allegretti
"Houston & Ludlow by the Prisms"
"The Very Special Birthday Dinner"

Katherine Du
"Heart Cracker"

N.T. McQueen

Frank Scozzari

Paola Crespo
"America Discovered"


Jim O'Loughlin
Alphabet Game


Duy Huynh
Serenade for Synesthesia
Silkmoth Majesty
​Suspension of Disbelief
The Trust Test

Rogelio Calvo
La Familia
​Unsuspecting Angel Sitting on a Chair

Ruth Ava Lyons
Ocean Alchemy XI

Edward Kemp
 People at war, people at home

Interviews with Duy Huynh, Rogelio Calvo, & John Amen

Book Reviews

Tara Friedman
Burqa of Skin by Nelly Arcan

Jeaneen Kish
Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace by Anne Lamott

    Spring 2015
     Volume 6
Suspension of Disbelief by Duy Huynh

Samantha Allbright
"The Morning Method"
"We're All Stardust"

John Amen
"An Incident Worth Reporting"
"A Short Treatise on Intention; or,"
"Be Careful What You Imagine"
"Before What Happens Next"
"guilt by necessity"
"on relentlessness"

Jessica Barksdale

Ace Boggess
"On Her Telling Me the Charges Against Her"

Paola Crespo
"America Discovered"

Amitabh Dwivedi

Michael Giglio
"Cellar Door"
"The Bliss of Ignorance"
"The Other Side"

Gary Glauber
"Lost in Loving Tender"

Joti Heir
"Human Hungry"

Sarah Lilius
"Ghost Baby"
"The Table"

Allison Linville
"Rock Garden"
"You Are One Hundred"

Nate Maxon
"Mere Anarchy"

Christopher Mulrooney
"fantastically feeble fairies

Matt Prater
"don't you wish it were july 11th"
"Just Let the Sun and Soil Do All the Work"

William Reichard
"No Love Lost"

David Sapp
"The Hen"

Julie Shavin
"Born in the Key of"

Clint Smith
"invisible hand"
"The return"

Al Urquidi
"The Poets Dream"

Brolin Xavier
"Epithalamium (Almost)"
"On Loving a Dying Language"
"Untitled in Three Parts"

Nicole Yurcaba
"Contemplations in the Fall"